Saturday, 4 May 2013

Restore Lost IMEI Galaxy Fit GT-S5670

Hi friends! Enjoying your Galaxy Fit... I hope so. But as seen in few cases(for example flashing custom roms), some people face a wierd issue in which their IMEI number gets lost.... but this is a very rare issue & almost all of us doesn't face such problems.

Consequences of losing IMEI:-
1. Your network services will be blocked.
2. This includes all services like calling, messaging, etc.
Because there will be no network..

Note:- Updating/Changing your Galaxy Fit's firmware, will also not help you. Overall, you will be left with no choice.

There's a device/software which can repair your Galaxy Fit's IMEI. I personally didn't checked it out because I didn't lost my IMEI. I am just sharing the information that might help others.

Here is the video tutorial that I found: Repair Galaxy Fit IMEI

Here is the list of its distributers worldwide: Distributers

To know more, just contact them via phone or email provided on the list.

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