Saturday, 4 May 2013

Restore Lost IMEI Galaxy Fit GT-S5670

Hi friends! Enjoying your Galaxy Fit... I hope so. But as seen in few cases(for example flashing custom roms), some people face a wierd issue in which their IMEI number gets lost.... but this is a very rare issue & almost all of us doesn't face such problems.

Consequences of losing IMEI:-
1. Your network services will be blocked.
2. This includes all services like calling, messaging, etc.
Because there will be no network..

Note:- Updating/Changing your Galaxy Fit's firmware, will also not help you. Overall, you will be left with no choice.

There's a device/software which can repair your Galaxy Fit's IMEI. I personally didn't checked it out because I didn't lost my IMEI. I am just sharing the information that might help others.

Here is the video tutorial that I found: Repair Galaxy Fit IMEI

Here is the list of its distributers worldwide: Distributers

To know more, just contact them via phone or email provided on the list.

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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Root Samsung Galaxy Fit GT-S5670 Froyo 2.2.1

In this post, I am writing about rooting galaxy fit froyo 2.2.1 . Remember that rooting will VOID your warranty. So root your phone only if you know what you are doing. This method has been tested and worked successfully on my galaxy fit. Follow the instructions carefully to successfully root your phone. Please note that root process has a slight possibility of bricking the phone if not done properly. So all I can say is DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Fully Charge the battery of your phone. Please backup all the contents of your phone as the existing data may get lost during update. I had used My Backup Pro. In addition to that, I had factory reset my phone from settings to avoid any problem.

1. Samsung Galaxy Fit GT S5670 Froyo 2.2.1(obviously),

2. Super One Click package:- You can download the entire package here SuperOneClick

3. Windows PC. Galaxy Fit USB cable. Samsung USB DRIVERS (Download drivers here Samsung USB drivers )

1. Extract the usb drivers file and Install samsung drivers on your PC.

2. Extract SuperOneClick package on the desktop.

3. Remove sd card from your galaxy fit and connect your phone to your PC. Wait till PC gives the message like "device is ready to use".

4. Open SuperOneClick.exe from the extracted superoneclick package and wait for one minute.

5. There will be several large buttons. The first button will be of ROOT. Now, Please check once again that you have correctly followed the steps. Now click the ROOT button.

6. Do not disturb the phone or pc during the rooting process.

7. When the root process will complete, you will be asked to run a test of it. Click yes. The superuser will be installed on your phone and your pc will confirm the rooting.

Congrats!!! You have rooted your Samsung Galaxy Fit GT S5670 Froyo 2.2.1. You will see superuser app in your applications.

AFTER ROOTING:-Open Superuser.  Go to preferences and update the binary.


Galaxy Fit Gingerbread Root method

Hi friends!... To root your Galaxy Fit GT-S5670, follow these steps:-
Disclaimer:- Rooting voids your phone's warranty. By following below steps, you agree that I will not be responsible for bricked devices.(Just a formality)

1. Galaxy Fit with Gingerbread 2.3.6
2. Pair of sharp eyes.
3. Rooting file .

First of all, download this file Galaxy Fit Rooting & paste it in the SD card(not in any folder)

1. Fully charge the phone's battery.

2. Switch your phone off.

3. Go to recovery:- Press HOME+POWER buttons together. Now, your phone will be in (stock)recovery mode.

4. In recovery mode use these keys for below mentioned tasks:-
*Volume Up/Down:- For navigation
*Home button:- For Selection
*Power button:- To go back to previous menu

5. Navigate to apply option & select it.

6. Navigate to the file you have downloaded from above link & select it.

7. Select Yes & confirm the procedure.
Note:- It takes few seconds to process


Select reboot system now to switch on your phone.

**Congrats** you have rooted your phone & now you have super user access. Enjoy!!!!!

Open App drawer, there you will see superuser app which indicates that you have rooted correctly.

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